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Blackjack Systems

A blackjack strategy helps you make decisions like when to hit, stand, double down, etc. You know how to play the cards, but do you know how to bet? Blackjack systems provide you with a betting strategy to help you manage your money and hopefully make a profit.

Some blackjack systems promise the moon. Some you pay for and some are free. Iíd recommend staying away from the blackjack systems that require you to pay. Stick to blackjack and other casino game betting systems that have been thoroughly researched and developed by gambling experts. Much of this information is available in books and on hundreds of web sites.

If a blackjack system sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some of them make it sound so easy. If beating the casinos was easy, there would be floods of people rushing to casinos and taking them for everything theyíve got. Of course, the casinos would go out of business. Beating the casinos is difficult, but not impossible. If you commit some time and energy, it is possible to walk away with a profit.

This is where blackjack systems or strategies come in handy. If you are familiar with blackjack you may have heard of one popular system called Martingale. Some swear by it and others criticize it. Whatever your opinion, itís worth considering.

The Martingale betting system does require a strong stomach and a big bankroll to make it work. With this system, a player must double every bet after a loss. If your bankroll isnít sufficient, then a series of losing hands can rid you of all your money very quickly. The best table to play this system at is a table with a low minimum like $5. The plan is to start with a bet of $5. If you lose, double your next bet. When you win go back to betting the table minimum. The idea is that you will eventually win a hand and recover your losses. You can see the need for a large bankroll to help you survive a long string of losing hands.

Combine this betting system with card counting and you canít lose. Most blackjack systems fail because they are pitted against games that have fixed odds. The odds in a game of blackjack vary according to the decisions of the player. When the cards in the deck favor the player, they can use any system they want and they will make money - if they are playing basic strategy.

Card Counting and Martingale
To begin, make a $5 wager. If you lose and the count is positive, then double your bet. Double your bet after each losing hand as long as the count is positive. You probably wonít have to bet more than $100 before you hit a winning hand. When the count is negative stop increasing your bets. If you are doubling and reach $25 and the count is negative, keep betting $25 until you win and wager $5 until the count goes positive again.

When you win and the count is positive, keep making big bets if your bankroll is ahead. If you win on a $50 bet, try reducing your bet to $25. As you start to win you can make more aggressive bets on positive counts.

Casinos like blackjack systems players. They know systems players will bet big because they think they have a way of beating the house. If a card counter is suspected at a table, they are usually asked to leave and not come back. However, a card counter that bets a system of doubling after a loss or win will never be suspected by the casino. The Martingale betting system hides card counting from the casino that is used to seeing bets from $5 to $100. A typical card counter bets the table minimum until the count goes positive then bets the table maximum. This is a sure sign of a card counter. If it looks like the card counter is following some sort of betting progression, the casino wonít give them a second glance.

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