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Casino Blackjack

Even with the development and advantages of online blackjack, there is still something to be said for playing casino blackjack in a traditional gambling establishment. If you find something lacking with online blackjack, the thrill of the casino may be what you are looking for. But, playing in a casino can be quite different from playing online. Here are some tips to make your casino experience much more enjoyable.

Know The Rules
Every casino blackjack game is different. Each has its own set of rules, terminology and odds. There are lots of ways to make yourself familiar with games like casino blackjack and others youíre likely to encounter in a casino. There are lots of books and web sites available and if you spend a little time reading youíre likely to hold on to more of your bankroll when you dive in and start playing.

Set A Budget
If you have something like $600 to gamble with a few times a week for two weeks, that works out to about $100 for each session, which becomes your budget for each session. When you play you should forget about the rest of your bankroll and just play with your allotted amount for that session. Donít touch the rest of your bankroll and if you lose your entire budget for that session, itís time to quit, leave the casino and come back another day.

Donít Play With Money You Canít Afford To Lose
You have probably heard this before and will probably hear it again. Donít ever gamble with important money such as ďrentĒ money. If you play with money like this, it may be time to seek professional help. Organizations like Gamblers Anonymous and the Internet Gaming Council have programs to help gamblers in trouble.

Donít Drink And Gamble
One dangerous thing that comes with casino blackjack is the impaired judgement that can come with the free drinks they may offer you. Anyone who gambles while drinking or stoned is definitely a worse player than one who is sober. Casinos know that when gamblers drink, they tend to lose more often.

Gambling Systems
Youíve probably heard of ďgambling systemsĒ guaranteed to help you win at all kinds of casino games from roulette and craps to casino blackjack. Most are useless. The only way to beat a casino game is if itís rigged - and that doesnít happen very often. Try any system on a free game and see how far you get. Most systems will just help you lose faster, not win more.

Know The Odds
There are ways to help reduce the house edge in many casino games. The first thing you should do is know the numbers of the game you are playing. Knowing the odds of your game may not be exciting, but they will help you win the occasional wager. Always put mathematics ahead of things like guessing, hunches or ESP.

Leave When You Are Up
Always know when to stop. Many gamblers will call it a day when they are up by 50% or have doubled their bankroll. Some call it quits when they lose 20% of their bankroll. Whatever your quitting point, make sure you set one and stick to it. If you donít, youíll just keep playing and eventually lose all your money. Greedy players are losing players.

Expect To Lose
Every aspect of a casino is designed with one objective, to separate you from your money. They donít stay in business by depending on luck. The house always has the edge in every bet you make in a casino. That edge means they will win more often that you. But this edge isnít a fixed percentage. By educating yourself you can lower the casinoís advantage. Youíve already started doing that by reading great resources like! Just remember, casinos are in business to take your money.

Avoid Side Bets And Variations
Your best chance at winning in a casino will come if you stick to standard casino games with standard rules. Avoid things like the insurance bet in blackjack that carries a large casino advantage of nearly 6%. Steer clear of ďcrapless crapsĒ that also has a house edge of about 6%. Donít go near the side bet in Caribbean Stud - it has a house edge of 25%. Stick to knowing the game, knowing the odds, betting accordingly and forget all these gimmicks.

Donít Forget To Have Fun
Gambling is entertainment. If youíre not having fun, you should leave. Unless you are a professional gambler making a living at gambling, youíre there to have fun. Donít worry too much about losing; you are spending money to be entertained.

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