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Winning Blackjack

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Blackjack Online

The experience of playing blackjack depends greatly on where you choose to play it. Today, you have three choices of venue - in a casino, on the internet or your mobile device. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but if youíre a regular casino blackjack player and you have decided to venture into the world of playing blackjack online, you should be aware of a few things to make your transition quick and enjoyable.

Many have turned to playing blackjack online for one simple reason - the environment. Every aspect of a traditional casino is meticulously designed with one intention - to separate you from your money and keep you happy while they are doing it. First there are the free drinks. Thereís nothing like a couple of beers to throw you off your game and start making mistakes. Then come the waitresses, scantily clad in only a few square inches of cloth, willing to bring you free drinks. That does it for me, I practically just hand the casino my entire bankroll!

Have you ever noticed the peculiar lack of windows and clocks in a casino? Well, itís no mistake. The casino counts on you losing track of time keeping you playing for as long as possible. Without a window, itís harder to keep track of the passage of time when you can't see the change in daylight outside.

The best thing about playing blackjack online is that you can have complete control over your environment. Itís easier to remain sober when you donít have half-naked women serving you free drinks. You can easily keep track of time, by simply looking out a window. You can play without distraction, giving the game your complete attention.

System Requirements
You donít need much to get started playing blackjack online. A good computer with a connection to the internet is enough to get you going. The specifications below will give you an idea of the minimum technical requirements for your computer.

Windows XP/2000/98/95/NT
Pentium 100MHz
SVGA Monitor, 256 colors
At least 60MB free Hard Disk Space
Internet Explorer 6

Most online casinos have excellent online help and 24 hour customer service when you need it. Feel free to call their 800 number if you have any questions about your computer.

Mobile Gaming
This is the latest development in online gambling. Now you can literally gamble for fun or real money anywhere and anytime you like. Casinos are now beginning to offer some of their more popular games for cell phone and handheld computers.

Playing blackjack online is not legal everywhere. Be sure to check your local laws regarding online gambling before you sign up. You may find yourself visited by your friendly neighborhood law enforcement if you indulge when you shouldnít.

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